How to Perform Multimedia Card Recovery?

Multimedia Card is also abbreviated as MMC and is a flash memory card standard. An MMC card was first unveiled in the year 1997 by SanDisk and Siemens AG. A multimedia card is typically used as a storage medium in different types of portable devices. MMC card can be attached and detached from our Windows and Mac machine’s USB port via a card reader or an external data cable. Let us take an example- Digital cameras make use of an MMC for storing or treasuring the most vivid and fond memories of users. One can view the images on their personal computer’s screen by plugging a card reader that holds the MMC within it in the USB port. Though these cards hold multimedia files and since these cards are used by innumerable people there exists maximum chance of deletion of certain digital media files unintentionally or due to accidental format issues. But, fortunately you are lucky enough as now with the advent of technology, we introduce you to an advanced technology based, industrially tested multimedia card recovery software. This application is compatible with both Mac and Windows OS. It also supports varieties of memory card such as you can restore deleted files on Mini SD card now by performing few fast clicks.

Glance At a Common Scenario

Does this scenario sound similar? This personally happened to me once when I used my multimedia card into my friend’s system and later into mine and then removed it abruptly from my personal computer without following the proper method of removal i.e.; without clicking on the “Safely Remove” icon. This led to the corruption of the file system of my MMC as it was contaminated by suspicious malwares from my friend’s system. Have you ever come across scenarios such as your MMC refuses to mount or certain digital media files deny opening up? Sometimes it may happen that your personal and treasured photo files goes missing from your card. In that case here is the MMC multimedia card recovery that will help you to perform file recovery for multimedia card all the files based on their file type. The best part about this multitasking application is that one can also install it on their Mac OS series in order to restore lost, deleted, formatted video files from SD card. To gain detailed information on the process of SD card recovery you must visit here.

What is Unique about MMC Recovery Program?

Supported OS- This application is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh Operating System. You can launch and install multimedia card data recovery software in Windows XP, Windows SP3, Windows7, Windows8, Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8, Mac OS Lion/Leopard/Snow Leopard. It supports both 32 and 64 bit PC.

Supports File Recovery- multimedia card recovery utility is a must-have application as it retrieve files from FAT16, NTFS, FAT32, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS+ and HFSX partitions / volumes from Windows and Mac machines.

Supported Drives- This toolkit supports all the different big brands of internal and external storage device such as Kingston (memory card, flash drives and pen drives), Sony (memory card, USB drives, memory stick etc), Samsung (memory card, portable USB drive), Seagate (Hard drive, external HDD, memory storage devices),SanDisk (pen drive, memory cards, flash drives), PNY (flash memory cards, pen drives etc), Transcend, Lexar, Western Digital, Maxtor HDD and many more. To know more about memory card photos recovery visit here: There is another advantage in usage of this tool. With this app, one can get back photos from formatted xD card in very few simple steps. To know more about retrieval of photos from formatted xD card, simply click here:

Recovery Process- Multimedia card data recovery software first of all runs a deep and thorough scan after selection of the storage device from which deleted or lost data are to be restored. It perform file recovery for multimedia card stating their file type, date of creation and also size of the file. It can recover more than 300 different types of file .With this tool, you can perform data recovery from corrupt memory card or formatted card in few simple steps.

Note: In case if you have a PNY flash memory card and somehow due to some vulnerabilities it stops responding or files cannot be accessed or some files got deleted or lost then you must visit the page: in order to perform file recovery for multimedia card

Precautions to Be Maintained-

Once file from your multimedia card (MMC) gets deleted imprudently or vanishes into ether all of sudden due to variable reasons like virus infection, accidental formatting etc, immediately stop using the MMC in order to maximize the chance of file restoration of data on Micro SD card  or MMC using a reliable third party rescue software. It is also advised to insert and unplug the MMC into your digital camera or computer's USB port carefully.

Scenarios of File Loss / Deletion-

  • Your most treasured moments (photo files) may go missing from your multimedia card along with other digital media files when it gets severely infected by suspicious malwares. Prolong stay of the virus in your card may even corrupt as a result it may refuse to mount. This further, results in severe loss of multimedia files.
  • Another way by which data files from MMC vanishes is when we abruptly remove the card from the device to which it is connected without following a safe method when a file transfer process is running behind. This may damage the file system of the card and result into loss of digital media files.
  • Sometimes we accidentally click on the “Delete” or “Format” option on our digital camera. This result into deletion of files from the card and indirectly result into loss of multimedia files.
  • Conking battery issues also leads to indirect loss of files from your digital camera if all of a sudden your camera freezes while you are making a video while in it or capturing some of the photos.

Installation Steps for Multimedia Card Data recovery software-

  • In order to retrieve deleted data and files from new Multimedia card user first needs to download multimedia card recovery software and launch it on their gadget that supports the storage medium or on the computer. In the main screen from either of the two option user needs to hit the option "Recover Files" and proceed further to restore back all the deleted files.
  • Multimedia Card Recovery- Main Screen

  • From the new window that pops up, user need to select the option "Recover Deleted Files" and click on the next button to move ahead.
  • Multimedia Card Recovery- Recover Deleted or Lost Files Screen

  • Once you click the next button, a new screen pops out, in this new screen you have to select a particular drive from which they want to retrieve deleted files. In case of external storage card user can click on the option Memory card.
  • Multimedia Card Recovery -Drive Selection

  • Once the particular drive is selected, a thorough scan randomly checks for all the deleted items and restores it back in a new location.User here can preview the file type after the recovery process is over either in "Data Type View" or "File Type View" and hence if satisfied with the recovery process can save the retrieved file.
  • Multimedia Card Recovery - Preview File

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users